10 Best Places to EAT RELAX SEE DRINK DANCE & BE INSPIRED in Los Angeles!


More than anything, LA (in my opinion) is the food capital of America. You can argue Chicago or SF or NY for high culinary prowess, but I’m interested in cultural foods– pure authentic food from different countries around the world all gathered in one place, the immigration tossed-salad-bowl capital of the USA. K-town is the largest population of koreans outside of Korea. Undisputed best Mexican food in the US is here. Thai town is huge and delicious here. Chinese food I have NOT HAD ANYTHING BETTER in the US than in the San Gabriel Valley.. some claim it’s better than in Asia!

  1. Ricky’s Fish Tacos – The prices have been on the rise since I first started eating here but you still must try both his delicious Fish Taco & the Shrimp Taco. The portions are generous! $3 a taco. Open Thurs – Sun 12-4pm.
  2. In ‘n Out Burger – Open until 1:30am, 3am on Saturday nights. The drive thru is usually faster than standing in line inside. Ordering double double animal style is the same price is non-animal style. If you like pickled peppers u can ask for them and be given a few in their plastic packaging. Fries are good late at night because it is busy and constantly fresh. This is a great place to go after being out at The Spare Room, or Arclight Theater.
  3. Figaro Bistrot Happy Hour – One of my FAVORITE places to go between 5-7pm ($3 french fries, $5 Beef carpaccio, $5 escargot, $4 cocktails)  See Review Here>>
  4. WAT DONG MOON LEK (one of my favs bc its cheap n cute waiter, family owned!) – best dishes Black Glass Noodle Pad Thai, Jungle Fried Rice.
  5. Beverly Soon Tofu House – better than BCD Tofu, great seafood stew and more! Affordable dinner meal! Read My Yelp Review Here>>
  6. ALEGRIA ON SUNSET – just order one thing here: The Edgar Burrito. Before 6pm for Cheaper Prices.
  7. Ruen Pair (good for duck curry)
  8. Din Tai Fung – THE establishment for Shanghai Dumplings. They have two restaurants at their same location – the main one, and their newer addition around the corner.. entrance at parking lot. I preferred more their Spicy Pork Dumpling shu mai. that is so delicious.
  9. Jitlada Thai – fried Watercress Salad
  10. Dim Sum in Monterey Park – various locations, banquet hall experience.. NBC Seafood Restaurant. Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant..
    • What to order: Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings), Ha Churng (Shrimp in Rice Noodle Crepe with sweetened Soy Sauce), Lo Mai Gai (Tea infused sticky rice tamale. DELICIOUS. Read More Here>> , Dan Tat (egg custard), Lo Bak Go / Wu Tao Go (pan seared turnip cake)
  11. SAGE Organic Vegan
    • Where: Echo Park, Los Angeles
  12. Lemonade – Multiple locations
  13. Neveux Artisan Creamery – On Yelp – 5 star ice creams!!


  1. WI spa – 24 hr korean spa for detoxing. The best!


  1. WAYFARERS CHAPEL, Palos Verdes
  2. Ennis House
  3. Watch sunset from Hollyhock house (tours on weekend)
  4. HIKE runyon canyon
  5. HIKE beachwood canyon
  6. HIKE griffith park
  7. Visit the Los Angeles Case Study architectural homes. Interactive Map Here>>


  1. Intelligentsia on Sunset Blvd / Sunset Junction – THE creative/artist/filmmaker hangout. Great coffee, great Mochas (hot or cold). Always run into someone you know!
  2. Casbah Café – Sunset Junction – good for Green Teas. and a *delicious* Quiche!!!!


  1. The Spare Room @ The Roosevelt Hotel (2nd fl, with doorman)
    • When: Friday or Saturday Night until 2am
    • Why: the best cocktails I have EVER had!!! High end cocktails at great prices.. there is no questioning you can taste the quality and skill.
    • Tip: MUST HAVE PANTS n look decently stylish. no shorts–
    • What to try: Russian mule there is potent, gingery, and good. My favorite drink on this planet is only served in summer season – and it is called STATE FAIR (4 Rose Butter Infused Bourbon, Kjak Cherry Wine, Caramel Syrup, Smoked Salt)
  2. Rosewood Tavern
    • Why: Great selection Beer hall with a good laid back vibe. High vaulted ceilings. Very Williamsburg.
    • Where: 448 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA


  1. A Club Called Rhonda – Pansexual electronic disco party! The studio 54 of our generation is currently happening in Downtown LA.
    • When: Once a month – check website or facebook for details
    • Why: It’s totally worth it to go- the lines may be really long (I waited 1.5 hrs)… but you could find ways to keep yourselves entertained in line. Not condoning anything just sayin. This was the best party experience I have had ever in LA. Great crowd that really IS mixed!
    • Where: 333 S Boylston St Los Angeles, CA 90017 Neighborhoods: Westlake, Silver Lake
  2. Mustache Mondays @ La Cita Monday Nights. – $10 cover. Next door has the BEST al pastor tacos. But.. I did have a few drinks before I had them.
  3. The Spare Room (sometimes.. they have a secret photo booth room when u enter on the left, it looks like a wall for bowling shoes but it opens
  4. AKBAR
    • When: Friday or Saturday night until 2am
    • Why: Best gay crowd at a permanent establishment in LA. Mixed, not West Hollywoody.
    • Why not: Sound system sucks and sounds muffled.. no bass. People have to fake dance/fake have fun because the DJ is out of touch with reality and plays stuff nobody can dance to or would listen to. When music is really f*in good, you WILL dance your ass off. See: A Club Called Rhonda, Los Angeles.. or VanDam Sundays @ GreenHouseNYC… or Berghain Berlin.
    • Where: 4356 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323) 665-6810   (corner of Sunset Blvd & Fountain Ave)


  1. Blum & Poe Gallery, Culver City (serious art shows)
  2. LACMA (check for free day)
  3. MOCA (check for free day)
  4. Hammer Museum
  5. Museum of Jurassic Technology – one of the strangest places I have visited…
  6. OHWOW Gallery (sillier LA trendy hipster art)

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