Beginner’s Guide to Minimal Techno (Dub / pure / hard) music

Places to download music:

Either the music label blog podcasts, or  /

CLR (Label)

Register for an account on (Chris Liebing’s label)

The Good DJs

(View full list here:;Artists=1)
Chris Liebing (the best)
Tommy Four Seven
Marcell Dettman
Ben Klock
Speedy J (based in rotterdam): Injection

CLR is bit more gritty concrete cement factory austere

Droid Behavior (Label)

Droid Behavior is good as well
Their djs are a bit more alien/sci fi sounding, but still in the realm of hard/pure and minimal.


(they hardly play in LA even though they are based here.. but here is their set together at Berghain:

Chris Liebing / CLR

Weekly podcasts for download at superstar DJ Chris Liebling’s label’s website:

Audio Injection / Truncate

(based in LA)
(Truncate is same person, but harder and rawer approach)
Bio on Label + some samples:


Beatport DJs

i’ve been watching beatport djsets on ustream, i like!

these both mix mainstream electro some techno

i like this asian girl dj
DJ Fei-Fei Live From The Denver DJ Booth 07/08/11 02:37PM

this one is good too! more electro

Zedd & Porter Robinson Live From The DJ Booth 07/15/11

MP3 download:
set list:

Music Sites

Find minimal techno through Music Sites:

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