WooCommerce PRODUCTS menu disappears with Custom Post Types Plugin (Conflict)

I’ve racked my brain over this twice now for lengths at a time (I forgot the solution from the first time). When I add a custom post type using WP-Types or Custom Post Types UI, suddenly the ability to add products to WooCommerce disappears. I thought this was a plugin conflict at first, or possibly a conflict with my WP Roots Bootstrap theme. But NO!


WooCommerce PRODUCTS menu disappears because it is using the same MENU POSITION number as the default custom post type menu position. WooCommerce could probably fix this painful headache if they chose a different number! So, double check your custom post type settings, and try a different number (between 5-100).. like 20, or 100. Play with it:

Setting the “Menu position” (integer) for each custom post type:

Default: null – defaults to below Comments
5 – below Posts
10 – below Media
15 – below Links
20 – below Pages
25 – below comments
60 – below first separator
65 – below Plugins
70 – below Users
75 – below Tools
80 – below Settings
100 – below second separator

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