How to get Good SEO on Google

Root Domains, Subdomains vs. Subfolders and The Microsite Debate – figuring out which one to use

If you are a photographer or artist who relies on WordPress for your blog or portfolio, chances are you aren’t utilizing all the available tools or adhering to the best practices that could help your site stand out.  Below is a list of ten mistakes that photographers (including myself) make when using WordPress.

1. Non-readable image filenames

Image filenames are an important factor in optimizing for search engines. Below are a few examples of non-optimized filenames:

  • DSC000234481.jpg
  • picture1.jpg
  • 20110301-tda-0023.jpg

The filenames above might work well when archiving photos in your image software program, but they are useless on the web.  Including descriptive keywords in filenames on the web will give search engine spiders a clue about the picture.  For example, here are a few optimized image filenames:

  • shark-attacks-california-surfer.jpg
  • libyan-rebels-fight-qaddafi.jpg

Don’t go overboard with keywords or you will dilute the value of each keyword included.  Use - instead of empty spaces, which show up like this in urls: %20.

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