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Facebook comments for wordpress



Private messages for friends only

Profile Privacy:

Disable wp-admin for normal users

Invite Anyone – users can invite others to site by entering emails

Buddypress plugins:
Aug, 2010 –
Oct 10, 2011 –
Dec 10, 2010 –


Buddypress Docs

Buddypress Classroom

A BuddyPress GSoC 2010/2011 project.

Here’s the features list:

  • Class Dashboard
    • Progress Indicator
    • Overall status
    • Student evolution (based on received grates)
  • Courses / Curriculum
  • Lectures
    • Handbook/Tree style for content organization
    • Bookmarking of lectures
  • Bibliography
    • Web API’s integration with WorldCat/ISBNdb
    • BibTex Import
  • Assignments
    • Responses
    • Quizzes/Tests form builder with automatic grading and response evaluation
    • Forum/bbPress integration
    • Gradebook
    • CSV Import
  • Schedules
    • Calendar
    • Month, Week, Day view
    • Integrates with Assignments due date
    • iCal export/feed
  • Customization using an external CSS
  • Notifications/Emails
  • Activity Streams

Buddypress Media Hosting:

Collect user data:

Custom registration page:

Facebook connect:

HTML5 Video:


Group Hierarchy (not just flat)


login with email instead of username:
autologin after you click activate so you dont have to log in again


Ajax Preview Profile with Tooltip Bubble Hover on any User Avatar (conflicts with other plugins)

alt: Gravatar Hovercards

Custom profile tags, links to twitter profile
Progress bar for amt of profile filled in


Facebook style drop down Message notifier:
Admin can monitor site in stealth

untested: adds a tab to end of menu for ‘profile’ if you’ve turned off the admin menu

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