Best Image Gallery Plugins on the Web


Galleria – can swipe on iphones!

CSS only Responsive Image slider

Entire CMS (Content Management Systems) Backends

Indexhibit – though its supposed to be updated .. soon, who knows how many more years soon is?

WordPress – Not recommended for portfolio only galleries. It’s much stronger for text/information based sites.

HTML/PHP/AJAX Manual Galleries

Pretty full screen responsive gallery with main image and thumbnails:

Grid where thumbnails disappear based on how you sort the tags

So Cool!! User submitted webcam gallery- button activates the cam, shoots pic, and adds to the gallery.

Intro Page slideshow effect- apple style splash screen before you can see the whole site (to use for bk)


Tip: Add your Flickr ID to display four thumbnails of your most recently uploaded images. to find your Flickr ID which is different than your Flickr username.

*GOOD* Starter package – plugin to let you pull images in, and then you style it yourself:


Another starter package:

Flickr photo wall (thumb gallery)

this one larger thumbs and hover covers image with info
Thumbs/hover info on sidebox, pagination, lightbox!!

Single image sliding gallery for flickr images

Single image with thumbs in constrained box

Jcarousel.. but doesnt do lightbox

Portfolio apps for Flickr
$5app, 3 stars

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