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For clients: HTML5 & CSS3

CSS3 Shapes
CSS3 Page curl shadow:


P.S. To use the live “watch” feature (which will auto-refresh the CSS whenever you save your LESS code), just drop this code into your template:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> less.env = "development";; </script> 

You may not even need the “development” line because the script should detect when you’re running on a local machine, but it didn’t do it in my particular case so I’m setting it manually. Another method to invoke watch is to append “#!watch” to the end of your URL.

P.S.S. Less.js browser script currently won’t work if you’re using Chrome and the path to your page starts with “file:///” due to a known Chrome issue.

Pure CSS3 Animations – 2D & 3D

CSS 3D Animations are rendered through the computer / ios cpu so are much smoother and faster than using canvas to draw objects.
Exploding puffer fish game:

New API’s to look out for

Free data to use on your websites:

Google refine – cleans up and helps you analyze excel data

WEB GL Animation (THREE)


Canvas Demos:

Smoke/starfield main info page:
3d Smoke from mouse cursor:
Star Field:

Download HTML5 Canvas:
Guide to Canvas:

Canvas resize to fit window

HTML5 Canvas tutorial:

HTML5 Forms:


Hype for HTML5 animations:

HTML5 Video:

Text captions with language switching

Syncing Content with HTML5 Video

HTML5 Data Attribute

HTML5 Custom Data Attributes (data-*)


Top 10 Plugins Sept 2011

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