Steven’s Tech Selects 2012: Wait? or Buy!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have requests / want advice on any products. If I’m qualified on that topic, I’ll add to the list with my choice if you should wait or what you should buy!


NameBuy Now?Why?
NameBuy Now?Why?
iPhoneWAITWAIT UNTIL MID OCTOBER for "The New Iphone" aka iphone5. Check for daily updates.

Website: Apple iPhone

Wireless Headphones or Bluetooth HeadsetWAITWAIT UNTIL FALL. The new ipad and macbook pros with Bluetooth 3.0 should push product developers to start rolling out 3.0 compatible products. For an ex: Bluetooth 4.0 has 2-4x the battery life of Bluetooth 2.0, and a much stronger connection... so your audio/data won't break up. If you must buy now, I own the Sony DR-BT21G which is amazing and behind the head, perfect for biking.

Amazon: Sony DR-BT21G

If I were to buy another, it would be the DJ quality Bluetooth Headphone below:

Amazon: Sony DR-BT50

MacBook LaptopBUYNew MacBook Airs and the new MacBrook Pro with Retina Display.

Website: Apple Macbook Pro

Wiki: MacBook Pro: Timetable

Wireless SpeakersBUYJawbone JAMBOX is THE TOP OF THE LINE and my fav object ever. Amazing portable stereo sound, so compact, so loud, so wireless, so well designed, that many of my friends after having seen it in action have gotten their own. Must have.

Website: Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

As of today 5/1/12, Jawbone released BIG JAMBOX which is about 3x the size of the original! Check that beauty out here:

Website: Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

Wired Desktop SpeakersBUYM-Audio is a solid choice company in great sound (used professionally in home studio recording) and a great price $300 and under. You can also check out audio engine. Buy from amazon or tekserve in NYC.
External HarddriveWAITBuy a USB 3.0 Hard Drive. Firewire is no longer supported on Mac.

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