How to recover photos & data when your memory card (compact flash/sd/xd) fails

For PC users, get PhotoRescue

*This came free with my SanDisk memory card purchase, and it worked to recover files when I had a PC.

For Mac OS X users, get Data Rescue II

*Just tried this out now and it works GREAT. Works even if you have a complete disk error and the disk won’t mount. It’s still able to read the files and recover.
The error looks like this:

Memory Card Disk Insertion Error Message Mac OS X

For some damaged memory card, when connected to your Mac, Mac may show error message – “Disk Insertion: the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”. You may click [Ignore] instead of using DIsk Utility to erase it. It cannot appear as a drive on Desktop, but data recovery programs can still access and restore the data from the memory card.

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