Preventative Measures – How to recover a stolen iPhone

preface. we were celebrating new years and we went to The Abbey in Los Angeles, right as we walked in, within 15 feet of moving through the crowd, my friend was robbed and iphone 4 stolen from her purse. We rushed back and tried to see if icloud backed up data but never enabled the manual backup, oops. so here is what you can learn:

Data Backup

Make sure you have icloud enabled.. backs up your data to the cloud including photos/video. To have icloud data backed up to your computer, YOU MUST OPEN ICLOUD IN YOUR SYSTEM PREFERENCES/CONTROL PANEL-> INTERNET/NETWORK ->ICLOUD, and check off the things you want to be backed up to your computer. FIND YOUR IPHONE

You must upgrade to ios 5.0.1 to have this feature work. make sure you take the time to set it up. Then when you phone is stolen, remote lock your phone as soon as possible and keep tracking it and taking screenshots of where it’s moving to.

Secondly, you can send a message to your phone so you can leave contact info or offer a reward.


App: Download fonehome to be able to take pictures of iphone thief remotely.
App: CYDIA – download iGotYA! takes pictures of your thief.

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