How to Install Bower Without Error Permissions on Mac OSX

If you’re a talented web design coder yet retarded when it comes to any technical installation snafoos like me, this guide will help you make it to the finish line alive in one piece.

Problem: in trying to install bower or run grunt, I got ‘EACCES permission denied’ error permissions & bower_components + it’s subfolders were completely missing. I need Bower to work because I’m setting up a development environment for Shopify to customize a theme.

Solution: Alright, open your Command line tool:

  1. Install ruby gems:
    sudo ruby setup.rb
  2. Make sure it’s updated:
    sudo gem update --system
  3. Install bundler:
    gem install bundler
  4. Go to directory of the Shopify ruby gem, and type:
sudo gem install shopify_theme
  1. (done with:
  2. (now follow:
  3. Install Grunt if you don’t have it:
    sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
  4. Install Bower if you don’t have it:
    sudo npm install -g bower
  5. If that returns errors, try this KEY SOLUTION:
    sudo bower install --allow-root
  6. If successful, you can now compile. Type:
  7. If you get an error that the folder “bootstrap-sass-official” cannot be found, rename the folder “bootstrap-sass” -> “bootstrap-sass-official” and try grunt again! 
  8. This is where it worked for me!

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