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I’ved had my cell phone number for only 2 months now, and I’ve been consistently spammed by bogus text messages asking me to send money. UGH! How to stop this? I googled a great NYtimes article which said to change your email alias (yes every cell phone gets a mobile email address… where airline notifications etc msg you from the internet, but spammers can guess this too).

“Text messages sent from the Internet are addressed as follows: [Your 10-digit wireless number]

“What spammers try to do, of course, is attempt to guess your number, largely by trial and error. This brings me to the second capability we offer our customers. Let’s say you want to block spam, but still want to receive messages originating from the Net that you would actually find useful (airline schedules, hotel reservations, etc.). For this purpose, we let you replace your wireless number with an alias. It could be some quirky name, or whatever you like. [You share this address only with people you know.] This could disrupt the guessing game spammers play to try to discern your number and sent you their junk.”

Further, my wonderful online chat AT&T customer service rep advised:

Maia Bliss: Thank you, you can forward these messages to 7726 to report them to ATT.

Steven: it said: “your approved to get 1000$ to pay your bills today! its easy and takes 5 minutes to the money you need. **spamwebsitehere** –instantapprove# 0. 5760767”

Maia Bliss: Ok, once you report you will get a message back saying, ATT FREE MSG: Thanks for providing us with the content of an unwanted message. Now, reply back with the sender’s phone number so we know who sent you this message. You will not be billed for this.

So, there’s 2 things you can do. I don’t know how changing the email address will impact things like.. Facebook verification, Airline notification texts, etc… but maybe I can leave it on the alias, until I’m expecting to hop on a plane. Until then, hopefully the spam will stop with my custom texting alias.

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