Tutorial: Divide Circle into Slices / Pie Chart in Illustrator

This is a tutorial on how to split up a circle into perfect pie slices vectors. It was taught to me by a past coworker Ruth, thank you so much! I am surprised I remember it after 5 months since I last used it, very handy.

1. First, draw a circle in illustrator.


2. Draw a line through the center using the line tool. If you don’t have snap to object enabled, you can always check if it’s aligned by using the ALIGN CENTER ALIGN MIDDLE tool.


3. Right click on the line, go to TRANFORM -> ROTATE. Put in the angle you want… an angle that is divisible evenly by 360 degrees. Here I choose 15. THE KEY IS TO CLICK “COPY”divide_circle_into_slices_pie_chart_3

4. To repeat this action automatically hit COMMAND+D on Mac, or CNTL+D on PC to Duplicate the action. Keep hitting it until you have made all the slices you need.


5. Now highlight all the line segments with the circle, open PATHFINDER, and click DIVIDE.divide_circle_into_slices_pie_chart_5

6. Presto, individual Pie slices ready to go!

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