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Web Design Trends in 2012

It is time to introduce the first fragment of this discussion which will focus on the upcoming trends in the web design industry in the year 2012.

  • Responsive Web Design – I had to start the trends list with Responsive Web Design as it was the most talked about thing in the last quarter of 2011. Responsive Web Design will continue to evolve in the year 2012 and might just become what we really want it to become. Website designs in 2012 will become more flexible which will permit websites to display easily on various screens and devices without any issues whatsoever.
  • Minimal Designs with focus on UX Design – Minimalism was always here to stay and 2012 will continue to experience minimalism at its best. But, I believe that 2012 will see the enhanced form of Minimal Designs evolve due to the much desired need of User Experience. I want to see Minimal Designs that focus more on User Experience without losing its minimalism factor.
  • jQuery – jQuery has evolved a lot from it’s beginning and 2012 will be no different. Designers will be seen overusing jQuery in their designs which will result in smoother sliders. The only problem (which sends chills through my body) will be the “over usage” of jQuery for results that will look repetitive on various web designs. Still, jQuery is something that is here to stay and we cannot stop designers from using it in their projects.
  • HTML5 – Isn’t this obvious? HTML5 based designs became so famous in the year 2011 that everyone was boasting about an HTML5 design. It became a fashion-kind-of to have an HTML5 based design. This trend will continue to gain pace with huge organizations taking control of HTML5 and making the switch-over to HTML 5. The results will surely be astonishing and lovable.
  • Merging Designs with Social Media – Social Media Industry grew exponentially in the year 2011 after Google entered the game with Google+. With Facebook’s new look getting a mixed response and Twitter’s planned interface changes, the Social Media industry will garner lot of attention and it will be exciting to see how designers merge their designs with various Social Media Platforms so as to decrease the gap between a website and its social media page.
  • Touch Screen Compatibility – The debate is on about the future of Touch Screen Technology and designers must understand that adding enhanced features in their design that multiply the touch screen user experience will surely take their design to places. This is one area which hasn’t yet been explored enough but it will be interesting to see how designers take up touch screen technology and what ideas pop up so as to add that extra element to designs that make them touch screen friendly.
  • Custom Fonts – As I said earlier, the font industry hasn’t yet experienced its fare share of experiments. Custom fonts have started to evolve lately with designers trying to come up with fonts that are totally unique. This experimentation will continue to touch new heights in the year 2012 and results should knock us over.
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