AWS Elastic Beanstalk: invalid YAML or JSON error when uploading zip file from MAC OS

If you’re doing the Amazon AWS workshop LAB:

ie. Upload and Deploying your Elastic Beanstalk app

and getting this **PROBLEM** error:

*ERROR Failed to deploy application.

*ERROR The configuration file __MACOSX/.ebextensions/._setup.config in application version 1.1.0 contains invalid YAML or JSON. YAML exception: Invalid Yaml: unacceptable character ‘&#0;’ (0x0) special characters are not allowed in “<reader>”, position 0, JSON exception: Invalid JSON: Unexpected character (&#0;) at position 0.. Update the configuration file.

*INFO Environment update is starting.


This is because MACOS includes some extra hidden folders which you need to exclude from your ZIP file. To do this, run this command in terminal on your zip:

$ zip -d __MACOSX/\*

Now re-upload, and you should get a success message:

INFO Environment update completed successfully.
INFO New application version was deployed to running EC2 instances.

Hope this solved your issue!

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