Japanese Food near Grand Central Station

Thanks Yoshie of RamenandFriends.com for the tips!

Yoshie: yes boi noodles

or menchanko tei
9:40 PM also schnitzel and things has their own store now
and if u havent beent o essa bagel, thats the best bagel in the city!
me: oooh
Yoshie: ..and oms/b
riceball place
9:41 PM my fav of all place is onya, udon place
me: ooh ok im texting this all to my friend
Yoshie: lol
me: im literally across the st from grand centrla
9:42 PM Yoshie: yushi bento bar is good too
that area is like japanese food heaven
9:43 PM me: omg really??
i had no idea
ive been eating dunkin donuts
ok so onya is the best you say?
i’ll go there then
9:44 PM Yoshie: onya for udon, menchanko tei for ramen
if u want to walk a bit, hide-chan ramen
is really good
9:45 PM if u go to onya, there’s a japanese supermarket next door
you can get some tasty snacks
me: oooh good to know
how are the prices at onya / manchenko
9:46 PM Yoshie: all less than $10
me: perf. ok running out now!
Yoshie: menchanko could be around $11
me: thankkks ill let you know how i iss
Yoshie: k
9:47 PM np

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