Berlin’s Best Cheap Eats

Best Ice Cream: Vanille & Marille Eismanufaktur

[My review on Yelp]
Hagelberger Str. 1
10965 Berlin
Neighborhood: Kreuzberg

My Chocolate + Lemon Basil Ice.

By far the BEST ice cream shop in Berlin.

Not only are the scoops LARGE and generous, but the taste is fantasttttiiic. Many of my friends will vouch this as their favorite as well!

1€ a scoop, beat that!

They make many amazing flavors, including:
Pistachio / Sicilian Pistachio
Lemon & Basil
various chocolate flavors, berry flavors.. etc etc.

Label this as a MUST TRY. Plus it’s right next to Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebap so you can hit two awesome places with one stone.

No inside seating so many people sit outside around the shop and eat. The location is a bit hidden on a side street, but worth the search! or just look for the crowd 😉

Best Pretzels


In the last half hour before they close, 7:30-8pm its 40% off bread goods!

These best pretzels are made in Munich because the air is different in the south, and imported daily to Berlin. Crazy right?!

Best Pho / Vietnamese – Minh Trang Berlin

Kantstraße 67
10627 Berlin
030 3180-1117

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Highly rated reviews:

Kantstrasse is the best street for viet food.

Most tourists will be directed to Monsieur Vuong, and from reading many mixed reviews and having not tried it, I will tentatively conclude that it’s good fusion food. My friend Danny noted: “it has been arond for ages but got more expensive and less yummy. Very touristy, serving: rice, fresh stuff, typical.. lots of curry coco. no proper pho”. I read they have pho but it is kinda bland.

Best Wonton Noodle Soup – Manngo

Reviews on Qype

Mulackstraße 29, 10119 Berlin
030 28040558

Mon – Fri: 12:00 – 24:00
Sat: 13:00 – 24:00
Sun: Closed

Best Northern Italian Home Cooking: Il Ritrovo-Cucina Casalinga Popolare

[My review on Yelp]

Gabriel-Max-Straße 2
10245 Berlin
030 2936-4130

I come here mostly because my roommate who is from Milan vouches for it’s authenticity. What’s important to note about most restaurants you go to (especially the asian ones) are that the menu has all been germanified.

Here it actually tastes like Italian food. Your pizzas will be on point, and this past weekend I ordered a pasta and was a bit shocked at how big my portion was. (of course this will vary depending on which pasta you order). The pasta is quite good.

I haven’t been to the other locations, but if you want a very low key casual environment and good food, then come here. It’s not fancy, not overdone, not touristy, not really romantic- it’s a good hang out place for people from all over.

Plus.. grappa or limoncello at the end of your meal 😉

Best French Fries – Kaiser’s Frozen

That’s right. I’ve tried most all the popular burger and fry places and am very very disappointed at the quality of both items here. Kaiser’s <--the supermarket has a huge bag for 79 cents that comes out delicious when you bake it in your home oven.

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