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Dragon Dictate



You are now ready to dictate directly into any application. You can also use our Note Pad. Dragon Dictate’s Note Pad provides a consistent experience for controlling text with your voice.

Here are some of the commands that can help edit or correct what Dragon Dictate types when you speak.

• “Scratch That” / “Scratch Word”
• “Select “the text to select” or “Select ‘beginning text’ to ‘ending text’”
• “Insert Before (or Insert After) ‘some text’”
• “Go to Beginning” or “Move to Beginning of Document”
• “Go to End” or “Move to End of Document”
• “Move Forward 1-99 Words” or “Move Backward 1-99 Words”
• “Train ‘the text to train’” or “Train ‘beginning text’ to ‘ending text’”
• “Show Recognition Window”

For Spelling Mode:
• “Scratch Word”
• “Move Forward 1-99 Characters” or “Move Backward 1-99 Characters”
• “Cap ‘letter'” – to capitalize a letter
• You can also use the International Radio Alphabet.

Dragon Dictate can also open any application on your hard drive for you. To open or switch to another application simply say “Open” followed by the application name, as in “Open TextEdit” or “Open iTunes.”

The “Tips & Tricks” menu item contains additional information about the use of Dragon Dictate.

Have fun while learning to be more productive on your Mac with Dragon Dictate!

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